The Power of Hope

Coming to Camp Alamisco, April 5-6, 2019 and Bass Memorial Academy May 22-25, 2019

When the world assails us, and we become broken and damaged, God offers us hope for the future, which provides healing for even the greatest wounds.

Join John Bradshaw at Camp Alamisco, and Susanne Vyhmeister, Mike Tucker, and Jennifer LaMountain at Bass Memorial Academy as we look to our greatest hope, Jesus Christ.

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President Livermore introduces Hope Heals


John Bradshaw
It Is Written

BMA Music Groups
All Bass memorial academy music groups will perform

BASS MAY 22-25th

Mike Tucker
Faith for Today

Susanne Vyhmeister
Author and Speaker

Jennifer LaMountain
Concert Musician

Melody Caviness
Gourmet Chef

Hope Wins
5K & Fun Run

Melody Caviness I Gourmet Chef

Guest Speaker and Chef, Melody shares the solutions that transformed her life from chronic Illness to vibrant health. “I’m living proof of what a whole plant-based diet can do to completely change our lives. No medicine is stronger for your chronic lifestyle diseases than nutrition. Many doctors are now using nutrition to treat and eliminate what drugs don’t.”

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