Disability Ministries

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George Hamilton
Disability Ministry Assistant Director


He contracted polio at three and the Lord blessed him with two excellent doctors at St. Anthony's hospital who operated on both legs preventing the use of braces or the exacerbated limp so often charactarized by polio victims.  This enabled him to walk with the aid of 2 cruches through age 14, and one crutch from ages 14 until 18 years.  On a trip to Oakwood College's "College Days" in 1960 he forgot to bring his one crutch and had to spend the entire weekend without it.  He never used a crutch again until age caught up with him around 40+ years necessitating the use of a cane.

He moved to Huntsville, Alabama in October of 1984 after completing the 2 year rotational training at the US Army's Aviation & Systems Command (AVSCOM) in St. Louis, and selecting Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama as his final or Permanent Duty Location (PDL) to complete his 3 year interhship.  This program was sponsored by the Army and entitled the DARCOM Intern Program.  It was a specialized program for undergraduates desiring to obtain specialized training and a bachelors degree.  He completed his training and received a degree in Contracting & Acquition (Procurement) in 1985.

His disability was never much of a problem until moving to Huntsville, where a sympathetic anomaly called "Post Polio Syndrome" (PPS) began to affect other ambulatory limbs.  This somehow raised a sensibility to other disabilities, and he was called to be the disability representative in his directorate, and in the commands disability committee in the Personnel Department.  His request for numerous assistive devices for the arsenal employees was noticed by the Computer Accommodations Program (CAP) who mistakenly assumed he was the "Command Respresentive".  He received a letter requesting his presence at the CAP conference in Alexander, Virginia to report on the progress of programs for the disabled at Redstone Arsenal!! 

His favorie Bible qoute is Romans 8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."