The Executive Committee of the Gulf States Conference is comprised of a diverse group of pastors and laypeople from around the conference territory. The committee is formed at the quinquennial constituency session, the most recent of which occurred in 2016. In the interim, open positions are filled and voted by the executive committee.

The committee is chaired by the conference president, Dave Livermore, and also includes conference administrators, Martin Fancher, Executive Secretary, and Brian Danese, VP for Finance and Church Development.

Stan Hobbs, VP for Education, Cary Fry, VP for Pastoral Development, and the Southern Union President or his designee are considered permanent invitees to the committee.

In addition to the committee members that represent various territories and conference personnel, the conference constitution calls for three members at-large, these members are Mike Hutchinson, Chip Anderson, and Christopher Carmen.

The constitution also calls for an additional member that represents a rotating requirement. This requirement rotates four times in the five years between constituency sessions. The current requirement is for an employee spouse and is filled by Elizabeth Rodriguez.

To learn more about the Executive Committee and its operations, see pages 5-7 of the conference constitution.

The names of the current committee members and the territory they represent¹ are listed below.
Names with an asterisk (*) are conference-employees.



Clara Cisneros
Ramon Rodriguez*
Teri Spracklen


North Alabama

Linda Carter
Robert Meneses*
Tearl King


South Alabama

Bernell Mapp
Orlando Guillen
Paul Kulakov*


Florida Panhandle

Jay Rosario*
Leslie Lugo
Robert Keeler

¹NOTE ON TERRITORIES: There are some exceptions to the territories listed above. These exceptions have been implemented to better balance the membership between the territories. As a result, the churches of Meridian, MS are included in the South Alabama territory. And the Dothan, AL churches are included in the Florida Panhandle territory.