Conference Trains Lay Pastors

Stephen Bauer, Ph.D., presents to the lay pastors. Photo: Shane Hochstetler

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David Livermore, president of the Gulf States Conference, welcomed 11 lay pastors to the Conference office meeting room on Sunday, October 22, 2017, for long anticipated lay pastor training. Livermore shared part of his testimony, reflecting on his former career working on the railroad while also serving his local church as an active elder. The lay pastors hold a variety of occupations, from a registered nurse to a manager for a trucking company, but despite their differences, they all share the same call to serve their local churches and communities.

Guest presenter Stephen Bauer, Ph.D., gave an encouraging seminar on biblical exposition and presentation. Bauer informed the pastors that the churches could avoid many of the spiritual and theological pitfalls they may face through a simple, yet purposeful study of God’s Word. Martin Fancher, Gulf States executive secretary, and Brian Danese, Gulf States treasurer, along with other Conference support staff, were present to provide additional training and guidance for the pastors.

These pastors are vital in filling the territorial gaps in ministering to the people within Gulf States. Because of their commitment, many who volunteer their time, numerous churches can hold weekly services and be a light to their communities. This event was the beginning of what will become a semiannual meeting for the lay pastors in Gulf States.