Gulf States Communication Department Wins National Awards

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Nearly 300 dedicated professionals and eager students attended the annual Society of Adventist Communicators convention, which was hosted at the headquarters of the North American Division (NAD) in Columbia, Maryland, on Oct. 18-20, 2018.

To read a more detailed report on this convention, see this article by the NAD.

The convention concluded with an awards ceremony that highlighted 31 of the year’s best content production by Adventist professionals and students in the following categories: writing, design, video, spoken word, and campaign.

Shane Hochstetler, Gulf States Conference Communication Director, won three of those awards. One for design in the category of websites for the Gulf States Conference website (, and another for campaigns for the 2018 Camp Meeting - Forgiven to Forgive.

The third award was among the top five for the convention, the Cutting Edge Award – for the Forgiven to Forgive Gulf States Camp Meeting Campaign.

Shane Hochstetler (center) accepts the “Cutting Edge Award” for his work on the Gulf States Camp Meeting Campaign, “Forgiven to Forgive.” The award is presented by Libna Stevens (left), president of SAC, and Daniel Weber (right), executive director of SAC. Photo: Pieter Damsteegt

Photo: Pieter Damsteegt

Photo: Pieter Damsteegt