Going Digital

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It is time we heed the words in Amos 5.15
and “Hate evil, love good.”

I hate wasting resources. You may be thinking that “hate” seems like a strong word to use. Well, it is. Every year, countless industries produce mountains of paper products that go unused. Despite technological advancements, Americans are using 126% more paper than we were twenty years ago.1 Most of us don’t even think about it; we just print, receive our bills via the postal service, and throw away junk mail by the bags full. What a waste. As stewards of God’s creation (Genesis 1-2), we haven’t been doing a good job. So let’s change that. It is time we heed the words in Amos 5.15 and “Hate evil, love good.”

Starting with the mailing of this magazine, GSC Today will be made available digitally online. Future editions will be physically printed and delivered only to those that want to receive it. Historically, this publication has been sent to thousands of recipients that I fear have sent it to the trash. This creates waste not only of paper products and contributes to harming the planet, but it also wastes financial resources that otherwise would fund projects that could help people and their walk with Christ.

In fact, right now you can go to our website and read some of the latest news from our conference in a matter of minutes, no need to wait for a publication. Simply go to
www.gscsda.org/news. You can even sign-up to receive email notifications when something new happens at www.gscsda.org/signuptoday.

For those that still like the magazine format, whether digital or physical, you’ll need to subscribe (free) to receive future editions. You can do that online at www.gscsda.org/optintoday or by sending an email with your contact info to gsc-today@gscsda.org or by calling 334.272.7493 x135.