Return Tithe & Offering Online with Adventist Giving

40 Sec Watch

Now available, Adventist Giving provides a way for you to return local tithe & offering online via an internet browser or app for iOS and Android. The service charges no additional fee and allows you to fill out a digital tithe envelope, specifying where you intend each dollar to go. Users are encouraged to utilize the electronic check option on the secure giving platform.

If you find yourself forgetting your checkbook often, Adventist Giving is a great solution that allows you to give anytime, not just during the worship service. No more scrambling to assemble your tithe envelope while the deacons walk the aisles. You could even spend some time in prayer and thought before or after church and give at that time. If you regularly give the same amount, a “recurring giving” option is available to automatically draft your tithe and offering when you want.

See the video below for a brief introduction, then go to to setup your giving account.

You can also setup and operate your account with the app which is available on both iOS and Android. Simply search for “Adventist Giving” in the respective app store.