Town Hall Presentations Now Online

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On Thursday, November 29, the Gulf States Conference aired the Town Hall LIVE program to update the constituents of the conference on the progress of mission throughout their territory.

The evening began with a welcome from Elder Dave Livermore, conference president. Livermore told a story from his youth, having been placed in a situation where the odds were against him yet concluding that to protect the things that mattered to him, he needed to fight. He paralleled this story with our current status as Adventists and drew a similar conclusion, that if we expect to see a positive change in the spirituality of those we care about, we need to fight for them.

Several reports followed one from each of the conference administrators along with a few recorded reports from conference department directors. Todd and Shelley Ward also offered a special report from Camp Alamisco.

You can view all of these reports, along with video reports from the other department directors at If you would like to share these reports at your church, the page contains instructions on how to download the video files for offline viewing.

Additionally, the question forms and lines of communication remain open. Upon viewing the reports, if you have any questions for any of the directors or administrators, you can text or leave a voicemail at 314-GSC-TALK (314-472-8255), email to, fill out the question form at the bottom of the Town Hall page, or write in to Town Hall c/o Gulf States Conference, PO Box 240249, Montgomery, AL 36124.