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A Christian approach to thriving on one income. Presented by Dennis Millburn at the Community Seventh-day Adventist Church in Meridian, MS. Go to for more information.


Biblical discipling is the art of shaping the life of an individual into growing partnership with God. It begins with the assurance of salvation through the acceptance of the Gospel and then continues integrating Christ’s lordship into every area of daily life. A disciple is one who walks with, learns from and lives in submission to a master in order to become like the master. Stewardship described through discipleship is, therefore, the lifestyle of one who has a living relationship with Jesus Christ, accepts His lordship, walks with God, and works in partnership with Him, acting as His agent to manage His affairs on earth.


  • Philosophy Statement – My all in response to God’s all. (More…)

  • Vision Statement – Facilitating the growth of a spiritual community of faithful Adventist stewards.

  • Mission Statement – To actively support the Church’s mission (to make disciples) through spiritually revived and faithful stewards.


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Offering Schedule

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  Jerome Edmeade  Stewardship Director 334.272.7493 x114

Jerome Edmeade
Stewardship Director
334.272.7493 x114

  Ruwie Vazquez-Juarez  Administrative Assistant 334.272.7493 x118

Ruwie Vazquez-Juarez
Administrative Assistant
334.272.7493 x118


  1. Providing stewardship education training and resources.

  2. Encouraging stewardship ministries personnel at all levels to be actively involved in the Tell the World initiatives of the world Adventist church.

  3. Working in partnership with the Treasury department of the Gulf States Conference to set up internal control systems for the receipting, transfer, and reporting of tithe and offerings.

  4. Participating in, and giving support to, major stewardship events around the world.

  5. Being an example in Christian stewardship, generosity, and giving.

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