What is a Town Hall Meeting?

A town hall meeting is an opportunity to share a mid-term report from the elected leaders of our conference. To learn more about the quinquennial term and the constituency session held at each start of the term, read the article from Elder Fancher (page 8) in the October 2018 GSC Today.

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Read the Report

Read the administrative and department director reports in the October 2018 GSC Today magazine, available online anytime.

Proposed Delegation Change

Click here to see how many delegates your church would be sending to the 2021 constituency session compared to the proposed 2026 session. Membership numbers are based on reports given at the end of the third quarter of 2018. Also keep in mind that membership continues to increase, therefore these numbers may be different come the 2021 and 2026 sessions.

Watch the Broadcast Here

Did you miss the livestream broadcast on November 29th, 2018 at 6:30 PM CT? Watch it here or head over to our YouTube Channel or Facebook page to watch it again. Additionally, you can scroll down to watch each department report individually.

Watch the Reports

Take a few minutes a watch a report or two to learn what is happening around the Gulf States Conference. If you would like to download these videos for offline viewing, click here. Once there, choose the video you would like to download, under the video player window you will see a “download” button.

Dave Livermore, President

Martin Fancher, Executive Secretary

Stan Hobbs, VP for Education

Brian Danese, VP for Finance and Church Development

Shane Hochstetler, Communication Director

Gerson Sanchez, Hispanic Coordinator

Brian Halley, IT Director

Cary Fry, VP of Pastoral Development

David Sigamani, Publishing & Trust Services Director

Jerome Edmeade, Stewardship Director

Todd Casey, Youth Director

Todd & Shelley Ward, Camp Ranger Team

Once there, choose the video you would like to download, under the video player window you will see a “download” button.

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