The Gulf States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is comprised of the geographical territories of Alabama, Mississippi, and Northwest Florida with headquarters located in Montgomery, Alabama.


We are filled with southern hospitality and from the Appalachian mountains to the Gulf Coast, we are surrounded by the natural beauty of God's creation.

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Livermore, Dave.jpg

Dave Livermore

Fancher, Martin 2.jpg

Martin Fancher
Executive Secretary

Hobbs, Stan.jpg

Stan Hobbs
VP for Education

Danese, Brian.jpg

Brian Danese
VP for Finance / Treasurer
VP for Church Development

Fry, Cary-2.jpg

Cary Fry
VP for Pastoral Development



Directors & Staff

Kelsey Abbott
Education Assistant

Brian Halley
IT/Auditing Director

Ruwie Vazquez-Juarez
Executive Assistant

Brandon Robinson
Treasury Assistant

Dr. Mark Sandoval
Health Ministries
Assistant Director

Todd Casey
Youth Director

Gerson Sanchez
Hispanic Ministries

Belkys Vazquez-Torres
Assist. Administrator
Hispanic Ministries

Cynthia Bush
Women's Ministries

Steve Radford
Prison Ministries
Assistant Director

Shane Hochstetler
Communication Director

David Sigamani
Publishing & Trust Services

December Casey
Youth Admin Assistant

George Decker
Religious Liberty
Assistant Director

Halen Stonewall
Treasury Intern

Tracy Fry
Human Resources and
Administrative Assistant

Ray Elsberry
ACS Director

Sherri Fancher
Conference Clerk/Receptionist

Sasha Clevenger
Payroll Clerk

George Hamilton
Disabilities Ministries
Assistant Director

Linda Thompson
Treasury Assistant

Joyce Russell
Prayer Ministries Coordinator


and Bylaws

Click below to view and download, if desired, the complete constitution and bylaws of the Gulf States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.