Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary oversees a variety of responsibilities.

In addition to serving on committees and boards that provide direction to the mission of the church in this part of God’s vineyard, other major responsibilities include:

  • Conference Association church and school building project contracts

  • Conference Association church and school property sales and purchases

  • Credentials and Licenses for Conference employees

  • Membership records and transfers

  • Employee service records

  • Retirement program of all employees

  • Coordination of Camp Meeting planning

  • Coordination of Constituency sessions

  • Development and implementation of policies for the Conference, Association, and employees.

  • Working with legal counsel on matters pertaining to:

  1. Employment issues

  2. Immigration issues

  3. Insurance and potential liability issues

  4. Property and lease matters.

  • Adult Sabbath School

  • PARL (Public Affairs & Religious Liberty)

  • Disabilities Ministries

  • Prison Ministries

  • Health Ministries

  • Medical & Dental recruitment of Adventist physicians and dentists from Loma Linda University.

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