Adventurers is a program for children ages 4-9. Over one million children around the world are part of this special club ministry. The program aims to strengthen parent-child relationships as well as boost the child’s spiritual, physical, mental, and social development. Each week, specialized activities are planned to meet the needs of this age group while at the same time giving parents a chance to learn parenting skills and enjoy special activities with their children.

Activities for the Adventurer club vary from family camping and nature exploration, games and outdoor activities to field trips and community service projects.

Joining an Adventurer Club

Adventurer clubs are formed and organized through local area churches. Being a member of the local church is not a requirement to join to the club. The volunteer leadership attend annual training sessions focused on Adventurer club leadership, helping them to provide a more meaningful experience for parents and children. They see Adventurers as an opportunity for growth and learning, and are dedicated and committed to guiding children in their relationship with God.

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Conference Adventurer Bible Game: February  1, 2025


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The Adventurer Bible Game is the Official North American Division Adventurer Bible learning program. The program is created to challenge older adventurers to use their reading skills and their amazing ability to memorize the Bible.

It is intended to be a family-based activity with parents and Adventurers studying and playing together. Each year new passages of scripture are assigned (alternating Old Testament and New Testament) and excited Adventurers and their parents/caregivers commit themselves to studying those passages of God's Word.



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