Human Resources Department

Our Purpose

The core essence of the Golf States Conference lies in its people – a community dedicated to sharing, teaching, learning, embracing change, fostering growth, and showing genuine care.  Human Resource Services takes on the crucial role of supporting both our employees and the organization in their various ministries within the churches, schools, and communities we serve.

Our office is deeply committed to developing and coordinating policies and programs that encompass crucial aspects of employment, including placement, wage and salary administration, employee orientation, training, and benefits. In doing so, we prioritize safeguarding the interests of our employees and aligning with the values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, all while complying with denominational policies and government regulations.

Monitoring employee hiring, employment matters, and terminations is a responsibility we carefully handle. We continuously recommend and implement employment practices and programs aimed at fostering a positive and constructive relationship between employer and employee. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate an environment that promotes mutual respect, growth, and success within our organization.


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Katherine Bowes
Director of Human Resources
334.272.7494 x120