Meet the treasury team of the Gulf States Conference. You will find various forms below, presentations and contact information. Also, if you are looking for how conference funds are allocated, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Online Giving

In this tutorial video you will find a step-by-step guide on how to: 

  • Make a donation and/or return your tithe using the Adventist Giving website
  • Review your donation history
  • Set-up and review recurring payments.


New Treasurers Event Feedback


Adventist Risk Forms

*All claims must be reported to the Conference as soon as possible.

Presentations (PDF Format)

For Local Treasurers

Southern Union Revolving Fund (SURF)

Effective December 1, 2023: Demand Notes: 4%, Loans: 6%

The purpose of SURF is to provide low-cost loans to churches and other institutions across the Southern Union Conference while providing a reasonable rate of return to investors. Any member of the Southern Union is able to open a SURF account through their local conference. This opportunity allows members of the Southern Union to not only receive a reasonable rate of return, but also to invest in the mission of the educational institutions and eight conferences across the Southern Union. SURF is considered a 90-day demand note. This means withdrawals from the fund could take up to ninety days to be fulfilled.

Offering Resources

How Conference Funds are Allocated

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Use of the Tithes Gulf States Operations Gulf States Advance

Treasury Team

Gwen Speak
Gwen Speak
334.272.7493 x107

Nefty Franco
Associate Treasurer

334.272.7493 x112

Halen Stonewall
Senior Accountant

334.272.7493 x114

Ruwie Vazquez-Juarez
Executive Assistant