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Backpacking  Teen Invitational

Save the date: March 1-3, 2024



15-Passenger Vans: What is the Danger? The 15-passenger vans are not balanced. The “walkway” to the rear seats goes along one side of the van. There will be less weight on the aisle side, and the weight of passengers will be on the other side of the van, so the vehicle bears its weight to one side. Unequal weight distribution causes uneven wear on the tires. Combine the imbalance with deferred maintenance (tires are rarely rotated or replaced as often as needed) and these vans are at greater risk of tire blowouts and rollovers. Read ARM Article here

Do I have to purchase insurance for Youth Events every time ?Every time your Youth Group is promoting an event that is high risk (campouts, rock climbing, caving etc.…) YES, purchase event insurance. For regular youth/club meetings (includes share your faith, can collecting), your general liability will cover as long as the event is local. If you are taking the club out of your territory, purchase insurance.

Is there any way we could get like a year insurance instead of filling this out every time we go on an activity?. The only policy purchased for the whole year covers regular club meetings. This typically goes in to effect with our general policy (May to May). Activities Accident will have to be purchased every time you go on high risk activities or activities at a long distance from local church.


Fee  $5 per person


Talladega National Forest in Talladega


  • Activity Consent Form
  • Backpack (can be rented at select sporting good stores)
  • Sleeping bag (a warm sleeping bag & insulated sleeping pad)
  • Tent (waterproof)
  • Hiking boots
  • Clothes (warm clothes to layer are best)
  • Tarp(s) & Rope (to tie to trees to cover your tent)
  • Poncho or Rain coat
  • Food (and a way to cook it)
  • First-Aid supplies (Band-Aids, Neosporin, etc.)
  • Small spade or shovel (to bury human waste) There are no toilets or outhouses
  • Toilet paper
  • Water purifier or water purification tablets
  • Water bottle or Canteen (to hold water after purification)
  • Flashlight (extra batteries)


Please remember that this is a conference sponsored TEEN event.  This means that only teens 13+ with their respective chaperones should be in attendance.  No other children are allowed.  Chaperones should be limited to only what’s needed for your group size and male/female mix. Each participant must have a signed Activity Consent Form. Turn in this form at the safety briefing.

Activity Consent Form


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