SDA Sterling Volunteers / Volunteers Screening

This is part of the initiative for Child Protection Screening process in partnership with the North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The new web-based platform features a training and screening system for both employees and volunteers across all conferences in the division.

This system provides a comprehensive menu of functions for churches, religious organizations, and facilities from one convenient resource. Additionally, both our program management and communication tools are available to conference administrators 24/7!

Adventist Screening Verification Registration Instructions

Volunteer Ministry Information Form for Churches

Vehicle pre-trip Inspection Form (Fillable)

Adventist Screening Verification

Why a Background Check?

“Church should be a safe place to bring our children. Everyone involved in work with children who are minors must meet all Church and legal standards and requirements” (Church Manual, Edition 18, pp. 168-169).

Who Has to do It?

As part of this effort, those over 18 who are voted to serve within our churches or organizations, and those who are employed by the church and working with children and youth, are asked to complete a criminal background check (FB 20) and child protection training through Sterling Volunteers. This should be completed every three years.

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