Administration in the Gulf States Conference is comprised of three officers and three additional personnel:

  • President

  • Executive Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Ministerial Director

  • Superintendent of Education

  • Director of Human Resources

While each administrative officer has specific duties relating to several departments within the Conference, the team works together in providing support to the many ministries and services provided to the church members, members of the community, and churches in the Conference.

The administration has been selected to serve in their positions because of their values, dedication to God, and commitment to providing the quality of workmanship that will lead this conference in its mission of being Builders of His Kingdom.

In His strength we can make steady advancement in gaining a preparation for His kingdom, becoming transformed in character, having a conscience void of offence toward God and man.
– 18LtMs, Lt 106, 1903, par 16

Administration team

Brian Danese

The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Gulf States from its Montgomery, Alabama, headquarters. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.

Martin Fancher
Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary oversees a variety of responsibilities. In addition to serving on committees and boards that provide direction to the mission of the church in this part of God’s vineyard, other major responsibilities include...

Gwen Speak

With almost 20 years of experience in finance, Speak brings a tremendous skill set to our conference. Speak has previously served as the Associate VP for Finance for the Mid-America Union Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, and formerly as Associate Treasurer for the Dakota Conference.

Josh Murillo
Ministerial Director

Josh seeks to create a tighter link between the conference and the front-line laborers. Josh works closely with each pastor to plan and execute an endeavor to make their local church a successful soul-winning mission post.

Scott Bowes
Superintendent of Education

Overseeing the education ministry in our conference is Scott Bowes, former principal of Bass Memorial Academy and longtime educator and administrator.

Katherine Bowes
Director of Human Resources

Katherine has served in Gulf States for several years, formerly as a teacher for Bass Memorial Academy. Katherine also serves as the office manager to ensure that the office operates smoothly and efficiently.

Sherri Fancher
Conference Clerk & Receptionist

Dania Murillo
Administrative Assistant