Health Ministries


The Gulf States Conference Health Ministries Department is glad to be able to help you with your health ministry needs. There are a number of resources that we have available to assist you in your effort to reach your community for Christ through the message of health and healing.


One resource is on-site health education. The following are different options available to you in this regard:

Sermon – health & spirituality, mind/body connection, emotional health & spirituality, health from the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy & its relation to science, medical missionary principles, etc.

Health Presentations – Disease-specific presentations, lifestyle presentations, identifying false methods of healing, stop smoking seminar, etc.

Hydrotherapy Demonstrations – demonstrating basic hydrotherapy treatments and their uses. This may take between 1-2 hours depending upon the interest/need.

Kitchen Cabinet Remedies – demonstrating how to use common items in your kitchen (garlic, onion, turmeric, cayenne, flax, charcoal, aloe, etc.) to treat various conditions and maintain health. This may take between 1-3 hours depending upon the interest/need.

Children’s Health Presentations – health presentations and interactive demonstrations catered to children from preschool through high school. Series of presentations available for weekend or full week programs.

Healthy Sabbath Seminar – Presentations delivered at Sabbath School and/or Church and in the afternoon/evening.

Cooking School – live demonstrations of various healthy recipes with subsequent food samples or a full meal, lasting 1-4 hours depending upon the need.

Lifestyle Consultations – one-on-one consultations revolving around the application of healthy lifestyle habits and natural remedies to the health challenges that individuals face.

*Health Expo – A church- or school-based community event which provides free health screening and health education. Screening typically includes height, weight, BMI, body fat %, blood pressure, respiratory function, stress assessments, and computer health age testing. Counseling is given on each of the laws of health, and people walk away with a number of printed resources to help them in their quest for health. This event will require an entire team, and is not scheduled on Sabbaths.

*Health Items – DVD’s, CD’s, Books, Cookbooks, Charcoal, health-related products, select health foods for sale at your location upon request before or after Sabbath hours.

*Health Emphasis Weekend (HEW) – An entire weekend of health-related activities, which can include any of the components listed above, delivered by a team at your church, school, or community. HEW’s can be offered Friday & Sabbath, Sabbath & Sunday, Friday through Sunday, or Thursday through Sunday. Longer events can be arranged as well.

One-day events that only require one vehicle will be covered by the Health Ministries Department of the Gulf States Conference. Events that require a full weekend or longer, or which require a team (listed by an * above) will need to be arranged through Uchee Pines Institute.

Health Education Materials

Another resource the Health Ministries Department is offering is health education materials. The Health Ministries department has purchased a number of health education materials that your church or school can borrow and use in your efforts to reach your community for Christ. Those materials are listed right (click the titles to learn more about them).