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Cary Fry
VP of Pastoral Development
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Brian Danese
VP of Church Development
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Kelsey Abbott
Ministerial Assistant
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Our Focus:

The ministerial team of Gulf States Conference is called to grow pastors and churches in this conference to be vibrant spiritually, relationally, physically, and evangelistically.  Here’s how we work to accomplish this:

  1. Pastoral Placement – We work to find the best match of pastor and church.  Through conversations with church leadership, interviews, referencing and more we strive to give each church the pastor they need.

  2. Pastoral Strategic Plans – Each pastor in our conference will have a God-given plan that they are working, moving them toward the vibrant health of their churches.  Our team is committed to meeting regularly with the pastors to assist them in the accomplishment of these plans.

  3. Pastoral Continuing Education – A degree in theology is only the beginning.  The ministerial team is here to provide avenues of growth for our pastors through pastor’s meetings, New In Ministry program, special events and seminars, and preparing them for ordination when the time is right.

  4. Pastoral Communication – We strive to communicate regularly with our pastoral team.    

  5. Local Church Development –  We are here to assist the local church in becoming vibrant as well.  Through a process of 360-degree feedback, we work to assist the pastor, church and conference at becoming the very best that they can be!


Church Forms

Pastors Personal Forms

  • Vacation Request Form

  • Workers’ Report: Excel



Membership Reports

John Mathews - Stewardship Presentations

Other resources

  • Prayer Walking: PDF

  • Apologetics: PDF

  • Creation vs. Evolution: Link

  • NAD Ministerial: Link

  • Pastor & Teacher: PDF

  • Understanding Property Insurance: YouTube Video