Auburn – Opelika Church Rededicates Its Building after Experiencing Extensive Water Damage

Published on January 27, 2024

In December of 2022, extensive water damage decimated the Auburn-Opelika Church in Opelika, AL, with water running through the church having gone undetected for six days while pooling at least 3-inches deep in some areas. This news left members wondering how and when the building would be restored. Nonetheless, the community rallied together to make a plan to remedy the situation and return the church to a place of worship and sanctuary for community gatherings.

From that point forward, various teams began to survey the damage and work to fix the church, step-by-step. After a year of hard work from church members and contractors the damage was finally repaired, encouraging the church to have a celebration to praise God for His goodness.

To this end, on January 27, 2024, the church hosted a high Sabbath that brought together church members, administrative leaders, community members and a local councilman. Auburn-Opelika church member, Briana Sherrer said, “I was so happy and blessed to be here today for the rededication of our church. I really enjoyed the music. Pr Brian [Danese] was so funny and on point. It was an amazing day!”

Understanding the importance of places of worship for local church communities in the Gulf States Conference, Pr Brian Danese, President of the Gulf States Conference said, “What a wonderful Sabbath we’ve had here at Auburn-Opelika to be a part of this rededication after the remodel and to watch the church get back going with its ministries. We had the councilman here and the local church pastor who works with him. What a beautiful high Sabbath. We’re so thankful and grateful for what God is doing here at Auburn-Opelika Church with the remodel.”

With a sense of gratitude for all that has been done to arrive at this day of celebration, Pr Dwayne Campbell said, “I must confess. The building is more beautiful than it was before – better than it was before.” And most importantly, “The people have rededicated themselves for mission and for service.”