Learn How to Share a Scripture Prayer for the Scripture Prayer Book

Published on April 30, 2024

In speaking about the upcoming scripture prayer book being produced by the Prayer Ministry in Gulf States Conference, President Brian Danese says, "I want to share with you an exciting project here in Gulf States: Our Prayer Ministry is putting together a scripture prayer book, and you're invited to be a part of it.

Let me take a moment and share what a scripture prayer is: It's a prayer that's developed by reading a certain scripture. In fact, here is an example for you to think about created from Romans 5:1-11.

Father God we thank you for your amazing unfathomable love that is poured out for us at the cross and poured into us by the Holy Spirit. We want to taste and experience more the depth and the breadth and the length and the height of your amazing love. Help us walk in faith. Help us to endure suffering. Help us to own our need of you. Help us to fully embrace Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. So pour out your love into our hearts in increasing measure by the power of your Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord. In His name we pray, amen.

It's so easy to develop a scripture prayer. It is just taking a scripture, reading it and then letting the Holy Spirit speak a prayer through it.

Join us here in Gulf States Conference –be a part of the Scripture prayer book.

You can submit a prayer by visiting us here: Share a scripture prayer for the Scripture Prayer Book.

-by President Brian Danese, President