School of Evangelism at University Parkway Church Equips Students

Published on April 6, 2024

Evangelism is at the heart of the Christian experience, however, understanding how to engage in evangelism is the result of being discipled in one’s spiritual journey.

During the month of April 2024, the University Parkway Seventh-day Adventist Church in Pensacola, Florida organized the University Parkway School of Evangelism (UPSOE). The training spanned four weekends helping students learn how to become effective in their evangelism efforts.

UPSOE teacher and local church pastor, Robert Meneses, explained the purpose of the program was to "help those who desire to be more effective witnesses for Jesus. We look at how the Bible teaches us to be effective witnesses for Jesus."

Across the four weekends, students learned the history, definitions and biblical basis of the role of evangelism. The teaching also covered practical information to help students learn the cycle of evangelism as well as how to initiate conversations, prepare Bible studies, answer objections, and encourage decisions.

In addition to class time, students were engaged in outside reading, personal devotion, memorizing scripture, community outreach and preparing and delivering a Bible study in class.

The benefits of the program for the attendees were having the opportunity to draw closer to Jesus, knowing Him better, reviving their spiritual lives, learning how to be a more effective witnesses and knowing the Bible better.

"It's an amazing time for us to learn how to be co-laborers with Jesus in these last days to prepare for His soon return," stated Pastor Robert Meneses emphatically.