Endowment Funds

We’re raising $10M to fund Adventist Education that will benefit God’s mission in our territory until Jesus returns. Please join us on the journey.

In 2019, Brian Danese and the executive committee of the Gulf States Conference resurrected an old investment account that was earmarked for Bass Academy and repurposed it into a higher-yield investment account with the intention of having this account serve as an endowment fund for Bass Memorial Academy (BMA). See his 2019 introductory video here.

In essence, once the goal of $10M is raised, the annual returns and dividends of that one account, combined with the existing funds-generating efforts of BMA would thoroughly stabilize the financial future of our beloved education institution.

The fund started with $800K in total value and due to generous donations and a favorable market, the account grew to $2.2M within the first year. As of 2022, the account value has increased to $4.3M (as of early 2022) and is steadily climbing because of continued donations and investment market gains. Your continued support and regular giving are making a real difference.

While the BMA endowment fund grows, we’re already looking to what’s next following the successful funding of the $10M. What follows this fund? We believe God can help us achieve another $10M fund, and this fund will be geared toward local church school education.

As with the BMA Endowment, it is the ongoing annual returns and dividends of the Education Endowment that will be used to offset the expenses that local churches face when funding a local church school. Imagine the savings our Gulf States church schools could obtain if there were several hundred thousand dollars going directly to those local churches from this dedicated account.

When those two funds are complete, we’ll be praying for another $10M to fund an endowment that will benefit Camp Alamisco.

Right now you can donate to the BMA or Education Endowment, we encourage you to prayerfully consider committing to a recurring gift to these funds. You can arrange for an automatic recurring or one-time gift at gscsda.org/giving or in your local church tithe envelope by marking it “BMA endowment fund.” You can also give by mail to Gulf States Conference, 10633 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36117.