Faith-Based, Service-Oriented 29ers Help Maintain Camp Alamisco for the Second Year

Published on March 3, 2024

Over the ten-day period of March 3 – March 12, 2024, twenty-three selfless volunteers from the faith-based, service-oriented group, “the 29ers,” which has been together since 1983, gathered at Camp Alamisco to make renovations to the camp’s facilities, including the inn, the lodge and the shop.

Bonnie Fry, organizer of the 29ers, shared that over the years, the members of the group, who come from Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Indiana, have traveled all over the country in service to various organizations. The group became aware of the needs of Camp Alamisco from Camp Ranger Todd Ward, a nephew of one of the 29ers.

This is the second year the group has served at Camp Alamisco. In 2023, they stayed for two weeks making updates and performing maintenance at the camp. This year, Bonnie said they “came to finish what they stated.”

She explained the group’s purpose saying, “we're a faith-based, service-oriented group of people who are retired and love to help. The organization has been together since 1983. We've been all over the country. Predominantly now, we work at camps because they have the facilities to house us because we are no longer RVers. We need to be able to have a place to sleep and a place to eat together as a group. So, Alamisco was a good fit. They have the facility. They have wonderful people here to help us get started and being a second year, we even know where some things are. So, it has been a pleasure working this year. We have worked in the shop. We're working on the inn to decorate rooms. We're working in the lodge on the exterior to make it a wonderful place for people to come and enjoy the camp.”

In speaking of the value of camps in the service of ministry, Bonnie said, “God and nature are what we’re here for and for children and others to enjoy.”

The members, pastors and staff of the Gulf States Conference as enormously grateful for the selfless work of the 29ers and how they have helped in maintaining Camp Alamisco for the use of the churches in the Gulf States Conference and the ministry of the Conference.