Panama City Church Hosts Concert Themed: "Let Us Adore Him"

Published on December 8, 2023

Each year Panama City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Panama City, FL hosts a traditional Christmas concert as an outreach event for its community. This year’s theme was Let Us Adore Him.

The concert, held on December 8, 2023, attracted community, family and guests, along with church members for a delightful concert of Christmas music from both the adults and children within the church.

Andreea Rac, adult choir director shared, “We were super excited tonight. We had a great, successful Christmas concert, and we were able to bring in our community, enjoy God's holy presence together and enjoy the music, fellowship and refreshments with everybody. Praise the Lord for this event, and we praise the Lord because we're able to bring in new people every single year and make new friends and connect with new people.

Children’s choir Director Annie Martin beamed as she spoke about the kids’ enthusiasm while singing, saying, “We had an amazing time of music and fellowship and fun singing about Jesus Christ and His birth. We have been practicing every week since October. It's been fun. I love it! I was so proud of everybody, especially the kids. They did so good. They really did. They smiled and made me so happy!”

Sheila Martin, one of the choir members shared the impact of the concert expressing, “We invited friends and family to come. My boss of 43 years, who is Muslim, came tonight and sat with my mom, and I was so excited. He videoed the concert and was very impressed. And I have a friend, who I have known from work, and she said she's looking for a home church so I mailed her an invitation and asked her to come. She and her husband came tonight and I was so excited, and they plan to come back again.”

Understanding the power of the story of Jesus’ birth and of community events such as this, Pr Eddy Nunez smiled as he said, we couldn't be happier for the opportunity to have our community here in our church worshiping together. It was a night that we will remember for years to come. We are very excited for the opportunity to adore our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.