Adventure & Pathfinder Leadership Training

Published on September 1, 2022


The importance of acquiring knowledge, the will to put it into practice, and the need to constantly train your skills are among the priceless principles one takes to live from a journey in Pathfinders.
Anyone who's been a Pathfinder knows that the path to leadership begins early, perhaps in the Adventurers Club, and it requires focus, determination, and discipline to become a master.
To develop an acute sense of awareness and the will to continue learning throughout life is a challenge posed by Christ, our Master to those who want to be His disciples. Therefore, both church workers and volunteers should seek to participate in training and seminars that can help them better understand the times and trends that shape our culture and also train and sharpen their skills to advance the gospel.
The Adventurers and Pathfinders leadership training seminar lasted from August 12 to 14 at Camp Alamisco, Alabama. The purpose of Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) is to provide the framework for lifelong training.
Ivan Lugo, the Pathfinder Chair for GSC, said that this event is "critical to providing this training seminar to enable the directors and staff to return to their home clubs and provide the best program possible for our children."
Every year, the Gulf States Conference promotes Adventurer, Pathfinder & Master Guide leadership Training to prepare the volunteers who work with the children and teenagers to serve best our communities, our families, and our Lord.

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