Agape Company Changes Status

Published on September 1, 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Agape Company from Tupelo, Mississippi, has achieved church status as of August 13. The ceremony was attended by many church members and church officials who gathered to dedicate the new enterprise, whose official name is now: Tupelo Hispanic Adventist Church.

After the service, we spoke to Gulf States' Conference Executive Secretary Martin Fancher, who confidently affirmed that "the best days of this church are still ahead. His statement resonated with Pastor Brian Danese's sermon that urged the church to be a lighthouse in the community.

"Now our responsibility is that this place becomes a place where the community can come for help," said the new church's First Elder Edgar Maldonado. "A place where broken families can find in Christ a restoring solution, a place for those in need who wander in the streets can find the peace and refuge that this church can provide them. It is a great responsibility that we are taking upon ourselves, but we've only taken it because we are holding Jesus' hand," he added.

Tupelo Hispanic, which began as a group, became a company and moved to church status thanks to the New Albany Church that nurtured and supported it, both spiritually and financially, as it matured.

According to the district's Pastor Jorge Belisario, "This has been a long and challenging path, but we can say that 'thus far the Lord has helped us.'"

We ask you to continue to pray for their continuous growth.