Exploring History Beyond the Classroom: Bass Memorial Academy's Educational Journey to the Northeast

Published on October 15, 2023

Hands-on, experiential learning is a key part of the educational experience at Bass Memorial Academy. Because of this, each year, Junior US History students take a trip to Boston and other cities in the region to bring to life the things they have been studying. This trip also serves to expand the students’ perspectives as it is often the first time many have the opportunity to travel so far north.

The students were excited to have these new experiences, and viewed them, like US History student Heiddy as being “great bonding” for the class.

The trip itinerary spanned from October 15-23, 2023 and included Washington, D.C., Boston, Massachusetts, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and New York.

Some of the sites the class visited in Washington, D.C. were the National Mall, the US Capital and the Air and Space Museum.

For US History student Mario, this part of the trip was a standout as he shared, "I really enjoyed Washington, D.C. It was my favorite part of the trip."

In Massachusetts, the students visited the MIT Museum, Plymouth Plantation, Harvard, the Museum of Science, where they went on a Duck Tour, Freedom Trail and Quincy Market, which was a favorite for US History student Logan as he recounted that "Quincy Market was a lot of fun – the food, the shopping and the entertainment."

Continuing their visit in Massachusetts, the students experienced USS Constitution and Museum, Bunker Hill, Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord and Sturbridge Village. US History student Riley shared, "I really enjoyed going to Boston, especially since I've never been up north before. It was a cool experience."

The students were also able to visit the William Miller Home and Ascension Rock in New York and the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.

The trip was a great opportunity for students to solidify what they learned in the classroom while engaging in real world, hands-on experiences. The teachers, staff and organizers look forward to students learning and growing in their knowledge and understanding to prepare them for life both in and outside of the classroom.