Kids Memorize Scriptures at Adventurer Bible Games

Published on February 3, 2024

On February 3, 2024, eight Adventurer clubs from across the Gulf States Conference gathered at the Conference office in Montgomery, AL for Adventurer Bible Games (ABG), a Bible learning program that is organized by the North American Division to help older Adventurers memorize the Bible. This year’s challenge focused on the book of Luke.

One 5-year old Adventurer named Zoey, described the event as “the best day!” She continued by saying, “I really had fun! We were all together in my club. We were listening about God; that is really good!”

One of His Favorite Events

For Gulf States Conference Youth Director Michel Rodriguez, Adventurer Bible Games is one of his favorite events on the Youth Ministries calendar because he loves seeing the kids memorize scriptures. “For me, it’s a highlight of what we do in the Youth Department to see the little kids memorizing the scriptures, and it was a blessing to see that 95% of the participants got all the questions right. That was amazing to witness.”

The general sentiment from the elementary-aged kids was that the day was fun, and they would recommend their friends attend next year’s event. In speaking with them, it was evident that many messages stuck with them from the day spent deep-diving into God’s word.


It was fun because I got to see kids learn about Jesus. It was really fun; it was a good experience. You should come because it’s fun, and you get to have a closer experience with Him.


I learned new things and was with my friends. I learned how to be patient. I would recommend others to come with your friends. It’s fun, and you can learn things about Jesus.


I learned about the Bible, about Luke and things like that. I liked it a lot because we went outside and played. It’s nice here. I recommend it because it’s very fun for those who come.


My experience was fun. From 0-10, it was a 10. I learned to persist, and I liked being with my friends. I really wanted my friends to come so we could do the Bible game.


My experience was good. It’s fun to help people. I liked it, and I had a lot of fun because I got to help people, and I got to serve, and I got to make the food.


I learned about patience. I recommend others to come here because it’s really fun and I’m so happy that we got first place.

Susan Lopez, Adventurer leader at Little Muskogees Adventurer Club at Elmore Hispanic Church in Elmore, AL shared, “I’m so glad the Conference held this event where the kids can participate and have fun. They also learned even with Jesus, we can have fun so thank you so much!

Reiterating this message of gratitude, Youth Director Michel Rodriguez extended his thanks to all who were involved saying, “We want to say thank you for all the parents, staff and directors who came all the way from their clubs to Montgomery, AL to participate in this year’s ABG. I know there was a great effort behind all the traveling and all the logistics so we want to say thank you so much! And for those clubs that couldn’t make it this time, we want to encourage you to please come next year. Make your plans so your little kids can start memorizing Scripture from a very early age.”